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The Rook has been put into use. Click the news links below to read the articles showing The Rook in action

Albuquerque Journal - Rook 'Em Danno! The Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office unveils The Rook

RECOIL MAGAZINE - Ring Power's Armored Door-Kicker Delivery System, The Rook

Tactical machine to benefit law enforcement statewide - February 2019

ThomasNet.com - Industry News: CaterpillarĀ® Customized for SWAT Teams

Take a look inside 'The Rook' - an armored vehicle SWAT teams use to tear through vehicles, block an active shooter, or bust through a riot - Oct. 2017

Standoff ends in Middletown; suspect in Delaware trooper death killed - April 27, 2017

New York City's Fox 5: Nassau County Police unveil 6-ton rolling fortress

INSIDE EDITION: The Hi-Tech Weapons, Tactics Police Used to Stop San Bernardino Shooters - December 3, 2015

6.5-ton armored vehicle to roll through Pennsylvania woods in hunt for suspected cop killer - September 2014

Send in the Rook! Six-ton armored siege vehicle with bullet-proof platform brought in as net closes on survivalist wanted over cop's murder

Sheriff wants The Rook, a quasi-tank for SWAT operations - June 2014

Letter from Major Keith Stone - Director, Bureau of Emergency and Special Operations - Pennsylvania State Police - March 2014

Checkmating Crime, December 2013

Ring Power Rook is a Caterpillar 287C armored for crime fighting, 4/9/2013

The Rook - Product of the Month Police Magazine, 9/21/2012

Jacksonville Shooting Ends in St. Johns SWAT Arrest, 4/24/2012

Deputy's idea is now a potential lifesaver for SWAT teams, 8/31/2011

Man wanted in McCoy kidnapping case found dead after standoff, 2/10/2011

Fugitive's trail ends in his violent death, 10/16/2011

New Device Helping Deputies, 9/19/2010